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Choreography and performance : Céline Bellut ​


together with the artist Peter Haas

PREMIERE "Zeitzeug" Festival Online edition - 26th to 29th Nov. 2020

Version III 

together with the video artist Peter Haas  

PREMIERE "Ateliers" in PACT Zollverein, Essen - 30th of November 2018

Performed in "The artists are present" in Quartier am Hafen, Cologne 16th of June 2019  

in "Explosive" Festival, Bremen - 23th and 24th May 2019

Version II 

Performed in "Fünfzhenminuten" Festival in StudioBuhneKöln - February 2019

"Freie Performance Kultur #4", Cologne - Dezember 2018

"Crazy Monday"  Cologne - December 2017 

Version I

Obtain the 3dr prize at the competition "Das Beste Deutsche Tanzsolo" euro-scene Leipzig - November 2017

"The third prize goes to Celine Bellut from Cologne, that changes abruptly from a turning dizziness triggering the audience to minimal movement patters. The jury praises the Frenchwoman for her independent dance language and the break with expectations".   (translated from German) Dimo Riess - LVZ Kulturredaktion

During this solo, I engage in a series of mechanical and technical rotations, executed with breathtaking speed, synchronized to the frenetic rhythm of punk music from former Yugoslavia. For 13 minutes, I immerse myself in swirling movements, exploring the mechanization of the body in contrast to the spontaneity of the music. The performance questions and critiques the idea of bodily perfectionism, a notion deeply rooted in my journey as a dancer and omnipresent in our contemporary society.


By incorporating video capture, I deliberately highlight the contrast between the pursuit of perfect choreography and my own humanity, marked by imperfection. The filmed sequences reveal to the audience my mistakes and fluctuations, thus creating a poignant reflection on the social pressure associated with physical perfection. This solo becomes a bold declaration of love for failure and imperfection, challenging the rigid norms of physical perfectionism while celebrating the beauty of striving for that perfection.

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