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"Encyclopedia of Relations" 

within the 59th edition of the Venice Biennale, The Milk of Dreams

" Encyclopedia of Relations (2022 – ongoing) both pays an homage to and challenges the concept of “encyclopedia”: on one hand, encyclopedias (especially modern encyclopedias) are forms of ordering and organizing knowledge systematically, by separate disciplines, attempting to summarize and place material realities into rather fixed taxonomic schemes; on the other hand, relations are fluid, made and remade, ongoing; they always link apparently distinct life-forms or elements revealing them as a constant flow of inseparable coexistences. 

The ongoing action is hinged on embodiments of collective relations as seen in biology and botany, as well as those negotiated in more abstract interactions – between musical tones, humans and technology, rocks and waves, plants and animals, and more. Taking inspiration from symbiotic living arrangements and other forms of reciprocal action, performers combine a set of elements – open to future additions – into larger, reconfigurable structures. 
Reminiscent of a Surrealist “exquisite corpse” game, through the body, the natural world merges with that of the fantastic.”

By Alexandra Pirici

Masks design by Andrei Dinu

Performers : Emily Ranford, Xiao Huang, Liliana Ferri, Raymond Liew Jin Pin, Jared Marks, Daniela Gambettola, Leonardo Sinopoli, Jennifer Tchiakpe, Daouda Keita, Matilda Bjärum, Robert Schulz, Valentina Restrepo

Photo Eduard Constantin


Carla Jordao

"Universal Opinions"

Artistic direction and choreography: Carla Jordão

Dance: Céline Bellut, Jordan Gigout, Kenji Shinohe

Dramaturgy: Dr. Daniel Rademacher

Music and sound design: Timm Roller

Lighting design: Dawid Liftinger

Technical support: Roman Sroka

P&Ö: Anthea Petermann

Project management: Sina Langner

Financial management: mueva Performance - Lena Peters

Documentation and photos: Julia Franken

Design: Büro Freiheit

2019 - 2021 PART OF

Screenshot 2022-10-09 at 19.17.08.png

Mixed Able Dance Education by DIN A 13 dance Compagnie

Professional artistic training in the field of mixed-abled dance for dance students and dance professionals with and without physical disabilities.


In the field of dance, there is no educational institution in Germany that offers the prospect of an artistic dance education and career to people with physical characteristics. Against this background, the DIN A 13 tanzcompany has developed a program that enables further training for mixed-abled dance at a professional level.



2020 PART OF

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Video / Website / Online Performance 

Artistic work around the text "CO²mming - Wie ich mit Pornos lernte zu heilen" from Lynn Takeo Musiol & Eva Tepest

Concept, video and performance

Celine Bellut. Johannes von Dassel, Magdalena Oettl, Emma Wilson 

Performance part of the Auktakt Festival für szenische Texte 2020 Online INFOS

Artists Statement:
In response to the text "Co2mming - wie ich mit Pornos lernte zu heilen" by Lynn Takeo Musiol and Eva Tepest, for this one-night festival we produced the web presence of a fictional association, the "Happy Porn Association", via Instagram and our own website. On the latter a four-channel video work was streamed, with a live chat running alongside, in which audience members could interact anonymously. This presentation was followed by a staged artists talk on Zoom, hosted and moderated by the Auftakt Festival.
The video offered a framework to explore the dense material and expansive world created by the authors, presenting four different spaces, times, and readings of the text in turns. The video and surrounding structure was a time-based 'happening', to be shown only once during the festival programm.
Due to this, it is not possible to recreate the full experience, which is why we have decided to put only a screenshot and this statement online for documentation.

We we are very sad and extremely angered concerning the racist and sexist online trolling in the chatroom that was a part of the website concept. These were third parties, not connected to us or anyone involved in the production. The switch from stage-based arts to online-content due to COVID-19 was a learning experience especially in regard of online audience types. We apologize for our limited preparation on this fragment of the website and not instantly reacting and calling it out on the spot. We strongly condemn their disgusting behavior!

Separate from this incident we are very proud of our work, say thanks to the authors and are especially thankful to Auftakt-Festival for this otherwise amazing experience and opportunity!


DIN A 13

"Cellar and Secrets BEYOND REASON"

Artistic direction/choreography: Gerda König

Choreography: Jordi Cortés

Dramaturgy: Gitta Roser

Video art: Jürgen Salzmann

Music: Frank Schulte

Dancers: Ashraf Albesh, Charlotte Virgile, Rita Noutel, Míriam Aguilera

Technique: nnb.

Stage design: Lea Dietrich

Costume: Julieta Alvares

Graphics: Kai Kullen

Creative Producer Germany: Anastasia Olfert

Creative Producer Spain: Raül Perales Haro

Choreographic assistance: Céline Bellut

Press and Public Relations: Mechtild Tellmann

Company Management: John Hermann


2019 PART OF 


"Constructing Collaborations!" is a project initiated by the Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf aiming to connect six choreographers from three different working countries and confront their strategies of work as well as artistic interests and "construct" an artistic collaboration.

It consist of three residencies in A corner in the world Istanbul, Espace Darja Casablanca and Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf. 

The choreographers involves are : Zouhair Atbane and Kamal Aadissa from Maroc, Safak Ersözlü and Canan Yucel Pekicten from Turkey and Antje Velsinger and myself from Germany.

Final presentation the 27th of April in Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf.

2017 PART OF 


Experimental Movie

Director: EunJin Park

Director of Photography: Marie Zahir

Choreography: Céline Bellut

Performance: Céline Bellut, Yun Ju Chen, Serkan Durmus, Andrii Herman, Beom Jeong, Bettina Klinger, Donia Touglo

Production: KHM (University of Media Art of Cologne)

Awarded by the 40th Max Ophüls Preis, DE 2019

Photo Marie Zahir

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