"Oranges are noot the only fruit, there are also berries and 'Hold on' has taught me uses of berries that I never thought of in my wildest dreams."

Dr. Mithu Sanyal


Choreography : Céline Bellut

Dancers: Charlotte Virgile, Nejma Larichi and Clara-Marie Müller

Voice performer : Britta Tekotte

Video : Anne Weyler

Costumes : Noemi Baumblatt

Graphic design : Saskia Holte

Production manager : Caroline Skibinski

Co-produced by Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf

Project funded by Kunststiftung NRW and Stadt Köln

Guest performance funded by NRW Landesbuero Tanz

Parteners : ZAIK, Quartier am Hafen, Tanzfaktur

"The desire is alway present, it sleeps. 


It is present like water drops in the air, like a discrete steam. A simple change in the atmospherical pressure and an aqueous sensation caress the skin. We can now hear it soft roar like the waves reaching the beach. 


This rhythm first appear regular, but if you listen carefully, it delicious counter-time brings a new color. A development emerges from the rhythm like would a thick matter emerges from emptiness. It is like the pressure inside a diving bottle, all the oxygen molecules enjoy being close to each other but on the same time apply pressure against the internal walls of the bottle. Therefor all the security advices. 

And then, a soft increase, invisible but never the less progressive. It is like if you would look at a bottle getting full drop after drop. But the bottle is already filled, ready to be use.The pressure is positive, the capacities available, the play can happen without any societal judgments. Space and time slowly disappear. This gaz bottle under pressure takes more and more space in our world, the bottle becomes the navel. 


The palate is finally used to spices, the taster is then ready to appreciate their nuances. The wish to create our own dish will emerge with a feeling that everything is possible. Sometimes the taste buds appreciate small quantities, give time to the chocolat to melt in order to let the see salt being tasted. After that, brain and organes are taken into the feast. Self confidence, sensibility, happiness. 

The growing amount of emotions creates a spider net. 

The rhythm one more time comes back, it allows no accustoming, no boredom, no pendulum to take space. This surprising rhythm is embraced every times like a blackbird’s song. We never know if the blackbird will sing twice the same melody, that keeps us listening without being able to move on. 


Hanging bridges between two mountains, which way to go? The dangling one provoking giddiness, giving adrenaline and offering an amazing over-view on the wild world? Or following the track from the mountain pass to the valley, to the river; from the river to the other pass… taking the time to feel every stones under the feet and to smell the parfum of every trees?

After this pass, nothing really matters anymore, keep hiking or set the tent? What ever happiness is there. We can feel it inside of the blanket, shaped in a smile that could overwrite the pression inside the diving bottle."

Text written by Nejma Larichi 

(c) Hans Diernberger

 © celine bellut - 2020​ IMPRESSUM