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(c) Hans Dierberger

Céline Bellut is a French choreographer and performer based between in Cologne (DE) and Marseille (FR).


Shortly after graduating from the Folkwang University of the Arts, in 2016, she performed her first work "Pop it!" at Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf as part of Now & Next, which offered an unbiased look at the sexualization of female bodies in pop culture. In late 2019, her performance "HOLD ON," which explores female sexual fantasies, was co-produced by Tanzhaus NRW and Tanzfaktur Köln, during the pandemic she created a short film based on this performance "HOLD ON, still not live". 


Between 2017 and 2020, she developed 4 versions of her solo dance-video performance "Ja est BI est BI est BI". Among other, the first version of this solo obtained the third prize at "Das Beste Deutsche Tanzsolo" euro-scene Leipzig”, the third version was performed for PACT Zollverein's Ateliers and the fourth premiered during the pandemic as a short film online for Zeitzeug Festival, Bochum. 


In 2021 she premiered "A performance is a long quiet river" at Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, the first piece (Boredom) of an ongoing trilogy based on the famous essay from Vladimir Jankelevicht “l'aventure l'ennui le sérieux” (adventure, boredom, seriousness). With a team of two dancers, two visual artists and a music composer, she questioned the supposedly clear distinction between activity and passivity in an inclusive production between visual art and stage performance, challenging Jean-Paul Sartre's understanding of the agency of human bodies. This piece was nominated for the 2022 Cologne Dance Prize, programmed in Favoriten Festival 22 and Rh(ein)far Festival 23. 


She recently premiered her latest work, the second of the trilogy (Adventure) "Suddenly a sloth crosses the street" on the topic of Disobedience in co-production with Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf and Tanzfaktur Köln. This performance will in September be presented as the closing performance of Tanztausch Festival 23, and a week later as the opening of Tanzfaktur’ 23-24 saison. 


In preparation of the third piece of her trilogy (Seriousness), Céline obtained in 2023 two choreographic researches on the theme of female gaze on schizophrenia and surrealism, in the near future, this piece may explore these topics combined under the main theme of seriousness.

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