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Born in 1994, Céline Bellut is a contemporary dancer and filmmaker who recently shifted their primary residence from Cologne, Germany, to Marseille, France, in 2023. Over the past six years in Cologne, Céline Bellut has established herself as a groundbreaking choreographer, producing notable works like "SUDDENLY, A SLOTH CROSSES THE STREET" (2023) and "A PERFORMANCE IS A LONG QUIET RIVER" (2021) and "HOD ON" in 2019. Her cinematic endeavours include directing the short film "HOLD ON, still not live" (2020) and adapting the performance "JA EST BI EST BI" into the short film "I won't go to heaven" (2020).


As a dancer, Céline Bellut worked for different artists, including most recently performing of Alexandra Pirici at the Art Venice Biennial in 2022 . Engaging in inclusive dance education, Céline Bellut contributed to the M.A.D.E program, teaching mixed dance for individuals with physical disabilities in Cologne (2019).


Céline Bellut embarked on choreographic research projects funded by Fond Darstellende Künste. These include "Female gaze on schizophrenia and surrealism" (2023) and residences exploring "Physical disobedience" (2022) and "The notion of irreversibility in relation to female bodies" (2021).


Céline Bellut earned a Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Dance from the Universität der Künste Folkwang in Essen, Germany (2012-2016), following a Baccalauréat TEC in Music and Dance from the Conservatoire de Toulouse & Lycée Saint Sernin in Toulouse, France (2009-2012). 

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