Céline Bellut is a French choreographer and dancer based in NRW, Germany, she is working with bodies and movement towards a research of spontaneity, judgment-free and authentic dialogue between viewers and performers. By using different medias of expression in her performances, such as singing, moving materials, video installation, choreographed or improvised movement, Céline explores on stage topics that relate to her contemporary political and social environment.


In 2019, she choreographed “Hold On” co-produced by Tanzhaus NRW Dusseldorf ; for this performance she worked with 5 female artists on female sexual desire and sexual freedom by working on the theme of sexual fantasies. In 2018, she presented her solo “Ja est BI est BI est BI” at the Ateliers of PACT Zollverein Essen, this dance/video performance is dealing with the topic of body perfectibility by working on exhaustion and impairment inside movement repetition. 

She is since 2019 an active part of the Mixed Able Dance Education program M.A.D.E initiated by the dance company DIN A 13. This program aims during three years on a regular base within a group of mixed-able and mixed-level dancers, to host dance work-shops in different dance universities around Europe and encourage a reflection for dance-education programs to integrate non-normative bodies.


Céline graduated from the Folkwang University of the Art in 2016, before that, she was following her dance and school education in her natal city : Toulouse.

Photo credits : les ballets C de la B

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