I was born in Toulouse in the south of France in a family of artists that never called themselves so. I had a joyful childhood made of climbing, crafting, rollerblading with my father, walking in the forest and pottery sessions with my mother, my sister and little brother. 

I left France and my beloved Pyrénées at the age of 18 to study dance at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. I have since obtained my BA after a very beautiful tough dance education.

Since my graduation in 2016 I am based in Cologne as a freelancer to stay close to my beloved. I have the chance to create and collaborate with artists from many different backgrounds, to expand my ideas and to explore the different sides of performance art. I mainly work in collaboration with the Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf and the Tanzfaktur Cologne here in NRW. 


I do not search in my practice to choreograph dancing bodies. I am searching how to give certain perceptions of time and space, I aim to create an experience for the viewers. In my work, the bodies of the performers are the vehicles of these time-space perceptions. The performers by experiencing a certain way their body in space during the given time of the performance, allow the viewers to experience feelings or reflections connected to their own relationship to the topic of the piece. I am a lot interested in the dialogue between moving bodies and transformable material, where the action of one influences the other, where the final visual outcome can't be planed or analyzed because the matter reacts independently of our control. I do not work with the performers by searching towards a body form or dance movement but rather towards a body state, therefore we do not aim to fixe movement material but rather aim to find an emotional or sensorial path through the performance.