Céline Bellut is a French choreographer and dancer based in NRW, Germany. In her productions she uses different medias of expressions such as singing, moving materials, video installation, choreographed or improvised movement.

She is currently working an a research funded by #Takeaction Neu Start Kultur from Fonds Darstellende Künste as a preparation to her next production “A performance is a long quiet river” co-produced by Tanzhaus NRW Dusseldorf with Premiere in December 2021. In May and June 2021, she will be working on her residence #Takecare in Tanzhaus NRW for her solo research “the notion of irreversibility in relation to female* body” and in July will go to Nablus in West Bank to collaborate with the Urban choreographer Amir Sabra and research around the notion of gazing in choreography.

Her last production “Hold On” (2019) working on female* sexual fantasies was co-produced by the Tanzhaus NRW and funded among others by Kunstiftung NRW. 

In 2018, she presented the third version of her dance-video solo “Ja est BI est BI est BI” at the Ateliers of PACT Zollverein Essen. In the last two years she has also presented works, in Tanzfaktur Cologne and in different festivals in NRW or abroad. She is since 2019 an active part of the Mixed Able Dance Education program M.A.D.E initiated by the dance company DIN A 13.

Céline graduated in 2016 from the Folkwang University of the Art in 2016, before that, she was following her dance and school education in her natal city : Toulouse.



I do not search in my practice to choreograph dancing bodies. I am searching how to give certain perceptions to time and space, I aim to create an experience for the viewers. I my work, the bodies of the performers are the vehicles of these time-space perceptions. The performers by experiencing a certain way their body in space during the given time of the performance, allow the viewers to experience feelings or reflections connected to their own relationship to the topic of the piece. I am a lot interested in the dialogue between moving bodies and transformable material, where the action of one influences the other, where the final visual outcome can't be planed or analyzed because the matter reacts independently of our control. I do not work with the performers by searching towards a body form or dance movement but rather towards a body state, therefore we do not aim to fixe movement material but rather aim to find an emotional or sensorial path through the performance.