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U N T I T L E D      M A N I F E S T O      F O R        C H O R E O G R A P H E R S

Witten by Céline Bellut during a solo research questioning the relationship between disobedience and manifesto’s writing - Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.   August 2022


A body that moves is a body that dances, no one has the legitimacy to name what is and is not a body suitable for dancing. Follow boredom without judgement. Cultivate empathy to create connections.  Don’t be afraid of radical ideas, but don't chase radicality. The human experience is universal. Condemn the inaccessible. Do not create in order to place yourself above the one receiving your work, art is not a celebration of its creators.  Challenge structures and rules, nonetheless setting your own restrictions can push you forward. Acknowledge the human before condemning the artist. During creative processes, listen to your physical, mental and emotional limits, only then will you be able to accept and welcome the limits of those working with you. Don’t be afraid of the déjà vu, the already done and the inspired by, but don't appropriate concepts, reflections or ideas from other. Cultivate ambiguity which unlocks more than one truth. Art is a question asked by an artist, yet the artist does not hold the only true answer to this question. Rather create nothing than produce unnecessarily. Performing art belongs to a place and a time period. Don’t accept a decontextualisation of your work, without engaging in a reflection that this decontextualisation razes. Cherish the nothing.

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