Choreography: Celine Bellut

Dancers: Céline Bellut, Liliana Ferrie, Maria Giovana Delle Donne,  Marie-Lena Kaiser, Geraldine Rosteuis, Giulia Nicoletti, Magdalena Öttl,  Ying Yung Chen and Tyshea Sugg

Premiere: Fünfzehnminuten Festival in Stüdiobhüneköln, January 2016 .

Performed in Night Moves, June 2016

Performed in NOW&NEXT Tanzhaus NRW, Mars 2017 

 © Night Moves Festival 

Pop It is a research on several sexist and violant rap songs and the influence those musics can have on their listeners. Catchy rhythm and melody, fast lyrics which are not made to be completely understood but to remain integrated. Working with exhausting movement patters in repetition and development, the sevens women on stage are showing a critical as well as ironic interpretation of those songs.

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