© Ingo  Solms

Choreography: Celine Bellut 

Dancers: Jordan Gigout and Liliana Ferrie


Premiere: Night Moves Festival, Essen, June 2016.

Performed in How is Next, Münich, August 2016

Performed in Funfzhenminuten Festival StudiobuhneKöln, February 2017

Performed in Cheers for Fears Festival, FFT Düsseldorf, Mars 2017 

A highly important battle between powerful peoples.

Esthetically inspired by the Pop and Punk culture of the 90s in the ex Soviet Union, this piece is questioning domination and power relationship and it esthetic picture we have from it. Feeling superior or dominated, being valued, having the final say, how power and domination can be explore and identify physically? When a movement has for goal to highlight someone, is this movement always valuing and promoting this person?

Contadiction, Irony and Eccentricity will carry the fight of those two characters along the piece.

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